Twitter – Fakes, Frauds and Phonies

Twitter Fakes, Frauds and Phonies

Every so often something happens that I think is worth bringing to your attention just for information’s sake… This is about Twitter Fakes, Frauds and Phonies. But, before I get too far, it’s important to give you some background:

  • Around 50% of all tweets are even read
  • Twitter, to many, is personal
  • The Toronto Social Media and Blog scene is active
  • Twitter is a community
  • Purchasing Twitter followers and Facebook likes is easy and inexpensive
  •  There are new apps out that allow anyone to evaluate followers

The app link is here

@askbick’s rating: (which seems to change daily)

50% Fake / 3% Inactive / 47% Good – which means we have over 71,000 followers and over 33,500 real live twitter followers. A pretty good number in both cases.

So with that background to this story, here we go. One Toronto Social Media Sports styled blogger (that I never heard of, just as they’ve likely never heard of me) by the name of Troy Oakley, has taken exception to many others regarding fake or inactive followers.

The video links are here, and I believe that at some point soon, he’d be wise to remove them. The primary video rant is 9 minutes and the secondary one is 12 minutes. I would suggest that a smart guy would have taken them down by the time you read this, but … then again.

The Truth About Those In Social Media

Aftermath … the Sequel to “The Truth About Those In Social Media

Frankly, I was taken aback by the viciousness of the attack on so many in the Toronto Social Media and sports scene.  The rant struck me as completely unprofessional and uncalled-for, it was definitely an unfair and unwarranted attack.

Twitter to me isn’t that personal, I’m usually a little glib, I do some teasing, I like to have fun … and I’ve lost few followers due to my teasing as some are so one sided in their thoughts in support of a team like the Penguins, or the Stealers, or the TV show The Bachelor that I just can’t hold back. As a result, the unfollow backlash.

The attack by Troy Oakley was uncalled-for and apparently, there was enough feedback to that he felt that a sequel was in order – yes amazing. Here is what that “well rounded, fun, entertaining” Oakley had to say about Twitter fakes, frauds and phonies:

“Honesty lacking, Integrity of camel dung, you guys are frauds, fishy, fake followers, inactive followers, want this guy representing you, I’m calling it out, he’s a fake, no short cuts to honesty, not honest online, not honest in person, never liked Steve Dangle, he’s no better than anyone else, you’re all fake, you have tons and tons of fakes, bigger issue buying followers, fake followers to get positions at the CBC, fraudulent, not dropping F bombs, your guys are frauds, people buying followers are frauds, I’m the second most influential tweeter in Toronto, big sphere of influence, I’ve got my integrity, I’ve got my morals, I’m honest, I’m compassionate, I hope you lose your credibility, if your credibility is based on lies you don’t deserve the positions, you don’t’ deserve the respect, these guys are fakes, I’ve got the proof, if you’re fake and you’ve been caught you have no one to blame but yourself, blindly deluded to follow you, build their image on false pretenses, support liars, no integrity and liars I have no time and patience for this.”

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