Time Spend on Email and Social Media

Time Spend on Email and Social Media

Now is the Time to Spend on Email and Social

I’m always amazed when I hear prospects and clients say, “my clients don’t find us online and don’t use Facebook (or any other social media site)”. As I’ve noted prior, I believe many clients think that social media is for young people, and that since they do not use the media, they are afraid of it and they don’t understand it.

Well, I hate to have to tell you – but the facts are overwhelming. Your customers and prospects are not only online, they are on email, and 72% check their email daily.  What’s worse for the doubters, 46% check their social media site daily. Astounding numbers for those nonbelievers.

Now what will really bring these numbers to life, hopefully getting you to act and move forward? The average user spends, (GET THIS), 4.4 hours a week on email, 2.7 hours a week getting news and a whopping 4.6 hours on social media sites. We all have time to spend on email and social media it seems.

In order to quantify this for you, email and social media account for 9 hours a week with 61% of Internet users having a social networking profile. This is all according to emarketer, the full article link is here.

As your digital agency we urge you to implement your emarketing program and your social media program immediately.

Do you think  Social Networking is a fad? Is email marketing a waste of time? If you think this is a fad, I suggest you think again. It’s time to move into the new marketing opportunities, after all, your customers are there, and soon your competitors will be there. We can help you move forward in this new space, before you get left behind.

Michael Bickerton, Raven5 Ltd, November 2010

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