Social Media: A Primer

Social Media: A Primer

Recently, I was interviewed by Kelly Parker, who was writing a social media article for the magazine Perspectives (Winter 2010).

Perspectives is published by CERC (Canadian Employee Relocations Council), and they were interested in sorting out the social media maze. It’s quite funny reading your own statements as perceived by someone else. Nonetheless “any publicity is good publicity” is the old saying, as such, we are always happy to be referred for interviews or fact-finding missions regarding emarketing and social media. I came across Kelly Parker’s article in the magazine.

As Kelly Parker clearly points out, “The social media tide is rising, and it’s unstoppable”, further along he states, “The statistics for other sites (social media) are no less impressive”.

Clearly, social media continues to build its presence at an incredible pace. People, companies and brands really need to consider getting on board. Interestingly enough, I find that in the business crowd, that men 40 – 65 seem to be the ones most likely to be ignoring the social media space.

As your digital agency, we can’t stress strongly enough, “Social Media is NOT a fad”, and if you’re not engaging and building your email lists, your Facebook “likes”, Twitter “followers”, Linkedin “connections” you should be. As well, we recommend that you start to build a presence on SlideShare and YouTube.

The relationship you USED to have with your clients is different and things have changed. Paying “lip service” to the social revolution isn’t enough, you need to LISTEN and ENGAGE. There has been a wholesale change to the way we communicate. Buyers have changed the way they buy, have you changed the way you sell?

This change is happening to you, your company and your brand every day, whether you know it or not. The breakup is the perfect video to show you how things have changed.

Social media is a personal experience and there are lots of opportunities.

PDF of full article.

Michael Bickerton, Raven5 Ltd, Toronto, February 2011

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