Emarketing - Internet Marketing or Email?

Emarketing – Internet Marketing or Email?

Emarketing is one of the most misunderstood terms today in the digital world. There are two main usages for the term emarketing.  It’s my opinion that emarketing can be explained using the following definition provided by wordiq.com  “Achieving marketing objectives through use of electronic communications technology.”

Wikipedia confirms this thinking, when you search emarketing, the definition provided is Internet marketing, also known as digital marketing, online marketing, web marketing and of course emarketing. Simply put marketing of products and services over the Internet.

Simple right?

Google, we all know Google? A Google search of the term “emarketing” brings up some information outlined above, but really seems to have confused the term emarketing into email marketing. There are all kinds of links to email, email companies, and email marketing companies.

Searching the terms, emarketing, e marketing, email or email marketing seem to have similar results.

Clearly the definition of emarketing is set, and this is a good example that Google isn’t infallible. In fact in the Internet age, mistakes are going to occur. Things are changing at a rapid pace, and sometimes, things get left behind.

As your digital agency, we recommend that you take the time to perform searches using several keywords and phrases in various formats in order to ensure you get exactly the information you want.

Emarketing in our view is digital marketing, meaning marketing in the digital space.

Michael Bickerton, Raven5 Ltd, Toronto, February 2011

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