Website Basics

Website Basics

A website needs to first give your customers a reason to visit, and then a reason to come back and visit again and again. We’ll address how you can effectively provide customers and prospects with a reason to visit. Here are a list of things that marketers should evaluate about their current website, as well as the questions to consider when building or updating a website.

1. What is the purpose of this site?

• Why is the customer here?
• What can they do here?
• Why would they come back?

2. Can the site be found? 

• What are the keywords?
• Is it “search friendly?”

3. Can I find what I want when I get there? 

• Is it easy to get to my primary goal?
• Is everything valuable above the fold?
• Is there a clear call to action?
• Where do the eyes go?
• Can I navigate the site easily?
• Can I find the ‘Contact Us’ link?

4. Design and Presentation 

• Is the site aesthetically pleasing?
• Is the site welcoming, warm & friendly?
• Are the colours and images clear?
• Is it easy to read?
• Is this site consistent from page to page?
• Does the site have personality?
• Do I see what I want?
• Can I get information and learn?
• Can I purchase here?
• Is this a resource I would bookmark?

The CMA has produced an Essential Website Checklist:

1. Skip the splash intro
2. Intuitive domain
3. Works without the www
4. One sentence tagline
5. Useful title pages
6. Focus on the highest priority takes
7. Corporate information in one place
8. Have a search box
9. Simple visual design
10. Meaningful graphics
11. Consistent brand messaging online and offline
12. “You are here” indicator
13. High contrast link palette
14. Consistent navigation
15. Plain English
16. User-centric language
17. Links on verbs (not nouns)
18. Content, provide lots of valuable content
19. Show examples
20. Link all logos

Without a doubt your website should be the “hub of your business”, and as such we recommend that you enlist the assistance of a professional. This could be the most critical step in your marketing plan for most businesses, learn about the next steps in our free 2015 Internet Marketing White Paper.

Alex Page, RAVEN5 Ltd January 2015

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