Raven5 - Experts in Contests & Sweepstakes

Raven5 – Experts in Contests & Sweepstakes

So, you may find yourself asking what is Raven5 and what can Raven5 do for you? Raven5 is the world’s first contest marketing agency, (check out our video here – World’s First Contest Marketing Agency) meaning we specialize in contests and contest marketing. Raven5 can help your business in many different ways, but we specialize in contests that drive potential clients to your website, help generate leads, which help lead to increased sales. Raven5 has worked with many different types of clients in many different industries. Raven5 – Experts in Contests & Sweepstakes. Our team of in-house professionals design your contest and contest strategy from start to finish, and assist you with figuring out your next steps… A crucial but often missed step.

 A contest, especially an online contest, can help your business in a number of ways. Raven5 specializes in contest strategy, which maximizes the potential to capture lead information, allowing you to better understand those potential clients. These days a regularly ran contest is a great marketing tool, especially when ran effectively. To take a look at some of Raven5’s work, take a look at the Results Page.

 Don’t forget! There are many things to consider when running a contest. Globe and Mail has a great series of online contests, and provides many helpful tips to help ensure your contest does not violate any laws. For more information check it out, Running an online contest, don’t run afoul of the law,

For some more great resources from Raven5, check out our blog. I’ve written about Marketing with Contests and even provided some Successful Contest Tips. For even more information, check out how you can Be the Best Deal With Contest Marketing. Interested in running a great contest? Contact Raven5 today! We are #ContestMarketing.

 Jesse Bickerton, Raven5, September 2015

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