Sweepstakes Marketing Program

Sweepstakes Marketing Program

Sweepstakes marketing programs have been utilized for a long time in some form or another. As The World’s First Sweepstakes Marketing Agency, RAVEN5 specializes in custom sweepstakes marketing programs. Our expertise in all aspects from administration, development and promotion of custom sweepstakes gives us a unique perspective on how to run a successful campaign.

With all of our Sweepstakes marketing programs, we include:

  • digital sweepstakes strategy
  • custom creative
  • questionnaire copy
  • email template creative
  • email deployment schedule
  • bi-weekly or monthly reporting
  • customized recommendations

Still not convinced? There are many reasons to run a sweepstakes marketing program, here are just a few:

Sweepstakes are Easy to Set Up and Inexpensive

  • Within a few days, you can build a custom microsite complete with an online form for your entrants. Although setup and prizing may be a high cost up front, the long-term benefits of a successful sweepstakes marketing program will pay off.

Sweepstakes can grow your Email List and Collect Information

  • Require an opt-in during the entry to encourage people to join your email list. Sweepstakes marketing programs are a great way to build out your list of prospects. Include a survey to ask entrants for some basic information in the form of a survey so that you can segment your prospects and customers that enter.

Sweepstakes Engage Customers and can provide Creative Content

  • Depending on how you ask for your information, a non-standard, fully customized sweepstakes or contest can provide user generated content such as a short write up, photo or video entry to complete the submission. There are various possibilities depending on your goals. Encouraging people to vote also will inspire people to share and get their friends to participate as well.

Sweepstakes are Easy to Promote and Increase Brand Recognition

  • With the right combination of effective advertising and engaging content, you can get your brand noticed and stay top of mind with your customers and prospects. Sweepstakes entice your prospective customers and reward current.

At RAVEN5, we are committed to sweepstakes marketing and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide each and every client with top quality sweepstakes marketing programs. We know the value of a well-timed, properly managed campaign. We’ve worked with many types of businesses to deliver sweepstakes that work with their goals and get results. RAVEN5’s sweepstakes marketing programs can also work with your existing marketing campaigns to maximize results.

Sweepstakes Marketing Program

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