Sweepstakes Marketing Platform

Sweepstakes Marketing Platform

RAVEN5 is the World’s First Sweepstakes Marketing Agency and we offer a unique perspective on planning, managing and running an online sweepstakes or sweepstakes.

We are committed to sweepstakes and sweepstakes marketing, so much that we have created our very own sweepstakes marketing platform that can be fully customized based on a client’s need. We know the value of a well-timed, properly managed campaign and we’ve worked with many types of businesses to deliver sweepstakes that work with their goals and get results. RAVEN5’s sweepstakes marketing platform can also work in conjunction with your existing marketing campaign to maximize results and drive even more optins.

If your idea includes a customized sweepstakes marketing platform we can help. Some elements we have cooked up are listed below:

  • Data imports – need to correlate sales purchases to users and award entries based on dollars spent? That’s pretty specific, but it’s not a problem.
  • Instant win – custom process, randomization, validation, display and tracking of instant win prizes.
  • Pin code creation – we can create hundreds of thousands of unique pin codes based on specific lengths and data formats.
  • Pin code entry – algorithms for tracking can be created based on prefix, sufix. Used in correlation with instant win sweepstakes.
  • Print collateral – design and print custom pieces in bulk such as product stickers, shelf talkers, booklets, kits, etc.
  • Prize claim automation – hundreds or thousands of prizes? No need to contact them all directly. The process can be automated where a user is provided the claim form online and once filled out can email the appropriate fulfillment department/facility.
  • Reporting – custom tailored reports can be created and run as often as required with specific data gathered from the sweepstakes site.
  • Surveys – smart surveys can be created based on specific questions and can adjust based on answers.
  • User registration – customized registration can include user and password creation so that the information is saved for returning users.
  • User tracking – tracking the actions of users within the custom site, including taking surveys, submitting pins, watching videos, etc.

Not quite what you had in mind? Our sweepstakes marketing platform is fully customizable; we will work with you to ensure that your sweepstakes or sweepstakes is everything you envision it to be. Contact us today to find out more about our sweepstakes marketing platform.

RAVEN5 Sweepstakes Marketing Platform

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