Social Sharing - Contests & Sweepstakes

Social Sharing – Contests & Sweepstakes

Our Socialmc2 program is a social sharing, social currency building, brand building, email opt-in building encompassed in one simple easy to implement program. Socialmc2 is cost effective and has resulted in increases in both Facebook likes and email opt-ins; increases anywhere between 40% to 3000%, at times the results are staggering.

I really appreciate seeing articles that provide real life experiences of the industry verses those with little experience, claiming that contests don’t work. Frankly, I’ve heard from many supposed “experts”, however, 42.5 million people enter online sweepstakes annually, and millions more in social media (mostly Facebook) and SMS contests.

Lots of great information in the AdRants article “Top Five Keys to a Successful Online Promotion”.

As your digital agency, we suggest you engage your customers & prospects with an online Socialmc2 program or our more comprehensive Drum Platform program. I don’t have to tell any marketer that their conventional marketing opportunities are NOT working. Television, Newspaper & Direct mail are not working as they once did and the expense of these medias verses the low cost of Internet Marketing and Online Advertising makes change inevitable.

Socialmc2 program is flexible, affordable, accomplishes a wide variety of objectives, as well, allows you to engage and reward your customers and prospects.

At Raven5 we have the experience to guide you through the ins and outs of online contests and sweepstakes, both online with a microsite or with Facebook using and on page application.

Socialmc2 provides meaningful and memorable engagement, at the same time providing a measurable return on investment and a diverse branding opportunity.

Michael Bickerton, Raven5 Ltd, Toronto, June 2011

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