Social Media – An Amazing Platform for Marketing

Social media has changed the world completely. It has changed how we interact with one another on a fundamental level, how we consume media, and how we approach the very concept of followers and a social presence. As a result of these widespread changes, the world of marketing has changed as well. Social media has actually improved marketing in many ways because there are a number of different benefits associated with the use of social media within the context of marketing.

Easily Accessible Ecosystems

Perhaps the most immediate benefit of social media is that it allows you to create an ecosystem that is focused on your business and products. This ecosystem can include all aspects of your product, include product launches as well as personalized customer interaction. Essentially, social media allows you to create a single space where all updates regarding your products are easy to attain.

These updates are easy to attain because they arrive to your customers in digital form, and the best part is that the subscription process is so streamlined that your customers are able to gain access to the ecosystem without leaving their favourite apps. This differs greatly from the way things were before, where a great deal of effort was required on the part of the customers and the job of a marketer was to make this effort seem worthwhile.

Now, the whole process is a great deal more effortless. All you need to do is make your customer or the customer of your client click on the follow or subscribe button and you’re able to send them consistent updates without a single shred of activity on their part. As long as you apply your marketing techniques well, there is no reason why your customers and target audience will not get every single update you send them.

Superior Customer Service

Never before has there been a platform that has optimized customer service in this manner. You will find that a lot of your complaints can be addressed by a single individual, thus eliminating the need for a dedicated customer service department. Social media is also a lot less personal than a phone call, so your employees do not have to deal with irate customers as often, and the immediate nature of social media means that customers do not have to be on hold while they are waiting for their complaints to be addressed. Instead, they can send their complaints via a social media platform and wait for a response. As long as your employees are efficient, there is no reason why they will not get the response that they are looking for in the shortest amount of time possible.

That being said, it is important to note that personalization is very important indeed. Without personalization, you will not be able to get the benefits that you are looking for with social media. What this means is that you can’t just give stock responses to customers. Social media allows you to cultivate a public persona for your business or the business of your clients, the responses that you give to customers should reflect this public image.

The Importance of Proper Implementation

When it comes to social media marketing, there are clearly many benefits that you can take advantage of. That being said, you should also keep in mind that a lot of the things that social media helps with need to be addressed in an adequate manner. Essentially, you can’t just open up social media accounts and think that the job is done. Social media marketing is something that requires a fair amount of time and effort, so much so that people now get specializations that allow them to further understand this marketing platform.

Perhaps the biggest mistake that advertising agencies make is that they do not take social media marketing seriously. They assume that the same old school ideas that are deeply rooted in tradition apply to this modern marketing technique as well. Suffice it to say that this is not the case at all. Indeed, you would be hard pressed to find a social media marketing executive who has not spent years training to gain the experience that they have, experience that allows them to excel in this field.

Advertising and marketing agencies need to start taking this newer form of marketing as seriously as possible, treating it with the respect that it deserves. If you work in this industry, just know that there is a lot that you need to do in order to be able to optimize your efficacy in the field. All it takes is practice, and soon enough your social media skills will be off the charts!

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Guest post by Junaid Ali Qureshi, August 2017

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