Social Advertising Trends

Social Advertising Trends

Social media has changed the landscape for many business models. Why should marketers care about social media? Social continues to evolve; and with it we’ve seen mobile use skyrocket. Here are three of the biggest trends over the last year from our 2015 Social Marketing White Paper.

  • Social Video

Video will continue to dominate the digital landscape. 74% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2017. (Brainshark). Video is shared 1200% more than links and text combined. 92% of mobile video viewers share video. Mobile and tablet shoppers are 300% more likely to view a video than laptop/desktop users.

Micro-videos from networks like Vine, Instagram and Snapchat are equally as important for a successful marketing strategy. 45% of viewers will stop watching a video after 1 minute and 60% will have stopped watching a video by 2 minutes. Keep in mind that Instagram engagement is 15x higher than Facebook engagement!

  • Private Messaging

Private Messaging was the biggest boom in 2014. Snapchat saw a 67% increase in user base, along with other services like Kik, WhatsApp, Line and WeChat.

Snapchat has 100 million active users with 700 snaps a day and 500 million Snapchat stories viewed per day. According to DMR 58% of college students are likely to purchase a product from a brand that sent them a Snapchat coupon. Yet only 1% of marketers use Snapchat.

  • Anonymity

Social has changed much of what we have done and continue to do online. Most interesting is the transition to sending private images and video via apps like Snapchat.

According to Snapchat, it temporarily collects, processes and stores the secret messages sent over its servers, but promises the contents are automatically deleted as soon as they are viewed by one or more of the recipients, according to the company’s privacy policy.

Users are concerned about online anonymity & privacy: 86% of Internet users have taken steps online to remove or mask their digital footprints. 54% of mobile app users have decided not to install a mobile app when they realized how much personal information they would need to share in order to use it. Many of those users have started flocking to anonymous social media networks like Ello, confide, Yik Yak and secret.

Learn about all the latest trends in social advertising and upcoming social networks that will continue the expansion of your business in our free 2015 Social Marketing White Paper.

Alex Page, RAVEN5 Ltd January 2015

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