Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - No Quick Fixes

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – No Quick Fixes

Time and time again we hear clients asking for the short-cut – the quick, cheap fix that will allow them to participate in social media marketing. Although some activities result in immediate results, overall, a sound digital strategy takes some time to bear fruit.

That does not mean your digital agency gets a 6-month pass. They should definitely be accountable for their actions even while they are laying a strong foundation for a long-term online strategy. Buck Rogers said, “It’s no good picking up speed if you’re on the wrong road” and we could not agree more. So to take the time to think through your approach, test a few theories and do some A / B testing to see what works makes a lot of sense. But so too does setting clear objectives within a specific time frame.

Speaking of time – it is only going to get more expensive to get in this game. As competition increase, both for PPC and for organic search terms, it will take more time and effort or require more dollars to achieve your goals. So jump in now. It is far less expensive to defend a first-page ranking for a keyword than to gain it.

Michael Bickerton, Raven5, March 2010

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