People Power

People Power

Everything new in business is happening online, not in the newspaper, not in radio nor even in Television. People power the internet.

The old adage, and yes old (2002) in Internet years it’s huge, “on the Internet no one knows you’re a dog” (Peter Steiner), is old. Things are not as they seem, EVERYONE IS VISIBLE ONLINE, there is no question about that. Every move, click and view is a part of history. You can now do almost anything online … let’s say banking, or let’s say shopping, or let’s say renting a movie, or let’s say going to the library (or do we just go to Wikipedia)? You get the point …

People are what drive the internet, not cables, wires, grids or computers, but people. As such business is entering the internet world, and doing so quickly, in order to ensure their brand and company are valid in the next decade. Businesses are setting up communities, look at Apple as an example.

Businesses that have not embraced the internet and therefore have not embraced people are losing ground, faster than you would care to believe. The simple fact is that people are online and it’s time you got your business moving in that direction. The internet is the largest commercial vehicle out there for the consumer.

We do know you’re not a dog, or a goat, or a fox, we know … what you like, what you buy, who your friends are. In many ways this is a great opportunity, and in others there are concerns. Yet, be sure that you are moving in the online direction now. As in the end, power belongs to the people, and people share and will continue to build community. Charles Leadbeater said it best this way, “We think, therefore we are”. Where are you?

Michael Bickerton, Raven5, June 2010

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