Online Contest Reminders

Online Contest Reminders

Depending whether you’re a small business owner, or a marketer for a larger operation, an online contest is great way to attract attention to your brand, which can lead to prospects, customers and sales. Here are some good reminders to keep in mind when running an online contest.

            This blog I’m talking about what all businesses should be wary about when running an online contest. There’s another good article from the Globe and Mail here, which talks about Walking a Fine Line. It’s got some good points to consider when dealing with contests, specifically those online.

            Sometimes, it’s tempting for a business to allow users to post contest directly to their contest page, without any type of moderation. This reduces the workload, but can come with consequences… An unwanted image/video/content can sometimes ruin the fun. One way to overcome this is a moderator system, or better yet, allow your entrants a way to “flag” entries to reduce the chance of any unwanted contest to be posted for too long. This has the added bonus of increasing engagement!

            Remember that social media is a powerful when used correctly, but can be a huge nuisance if overused. A simple retweet of a message for a contest may seem like a good idea, but it can also cause people to negatively associate your brand with poor advertising or spam. Provide people a way to be funny or creative – and watch how people can get involved!

            The best way to ensure a smooth running contest is to be vigilant. Moderate your website daily. It may seem like extra work, but ensuring your page to be friendly to all visitors can go a long way in having a positive brand message.

            Thinking of running an online contest? Read about Why Contest Marketing and How to Run a Contest at our Raven5 blog. Think you might need some help? We’re experts at Raven5 – simply put, we are #ContestMarketing – it’s what we do best.

Jesse Bickerton, Raven5, October 2015


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