Marketers should be Embracing Twitter

Marketers should be Embracing Twitter

“Tweet, Tweet,” says the little Twitter bird. “Why doesn’t anyone want to advertise with me, I’m an important social media platform too, tweet,” cries the little Twitter bird. Feeling neglected the Twitter bird turns to drowning his sorrow and binging on a pile of earthworms in its nest as he watches romantic films titled “How the marketer fell in love with Facebook- based on a true story.” I say marketers should be embracing Twitter just as much as Facebook!

Why marketers should be embracing Twitter

But wait for Twitter, put down the worm and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Sure, marketers haven’t been able to love all 140 characters of you, but there is still hope. Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are when you are able to convey a message in only 140 characters? Some people might say you are limiting and expensive compared to YouTube and Facebook, but I say you’re an untapped resource that many marketers have yet to discover. They say love is blind at times and in this case it must be true, some marketers are blind to see the benefits of this lovely platform.

  • Twitter is one of the quickest ways to build an active community of advocates and influencers for your business. The bigger your follower base on Twitter, the more people will engage with your brand and spread your message. Twitter can also pair promoted accounts with related search queries that can be relevant for users.
  • Many Twitter users often access the social platform through their mobile devices and often Tweet when they are watching TV. 80% of people that use Twitter use it while they are watching TV. Television is also the most frequent medium that people Tweet about. This opens huge opportunities for TV broadcasters and advertisers because it is more likely that Twitter users will tweet about something they saw on screen, which allows the reach of their message to be spread even further than its original intended audience.
  • Twitter is now focusing on engaging their users, but once they begin to direct their focus towards building a bigger user base, through more advertising and various forms of marketing outreach, it should be easy for the service to grow its active users. As of now, Twitter’s high levels of engagement of current users and the readiness of former users to rejoin the service are extremely promising.

Twitter doesn’t have to worry about being forever lonely anymore. Marketers will eventually see that Twitter is a prime communications tool meant to engage mobile users for years to come.

Patricia Ferreira, Raven5 Ltd, Oakville, Ontario March 2014.

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