Facebook Ads - Try Them

Facebook Ads – Try Them

Facebook ads seem to be a relatively simple solution for most businesses to build an online, social media presence. In fact, Facebook ads are a simple and easy way to build your social media presence and engage your fans. At first glance, Facebook Ads may seem intimidating, but they are relatively simple to build and to manage.

The assumptions of ease are all based on the premise that you have a Facebook page (profile) for your businesses built and populated. If you don’t, get you digital agency to assist you in starting this simple process. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is continuing to grow. Given that Facebook has over 800 Millions users, this means that it’s the largest possible audience in any circumstance.

Here are three reasons to give Facebook ads a try this year:

  1. Ads appear to the customers you target
  2. Implement with any budget
  3. Social sharing with fans & friends

Keep in mind your Facebook fan page is free to build and manage. As well, for a nominal cost your page can be monitored and populated allowing you to keep in touch, provide information, introduce specials, build opt-ins and build your online presence without the large costs associated with traditional marketing tactics and media.

There are lots of opportunities to learn about facebook and facebook ads; they’ve done a pretty good job of providing information and instructions.

Frankly, not everyone has the time and if you’re in that camp we can help. As your digital agency we can assist you in developing, populating and engaging your customers and prospects with the goal of turning them into fans and ‘likes’.

Building your online and social media presence is a must in 2012. Social sharing, social currency can all be developed using our Socialmc2 program as well. Facebook ads can be used to develop and improve your social media presence. After all there are 800 Million users see those ads as often as you want them to be seen.

Michael Bickerton, Raven5 Ltd, Toronto, January 2012

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