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Digital Agency Search – Raven5

We really try to practice what we preach, as such, we try and ensure we at Raven5 are doing exactly what we recommend to our clients. Try a digital agency search on Google.

Clearly, you know we have an engagement strategy, a website that we feel is user-friendly (although we could use a stronger call to action on our home page). We also run Google Analytics on our website as well as landing pages and our socialmc2 programs. We practice email marketing and hopefully provide valuable digital and emarketing materials for your review. Raven5 runs Google Adwords programs and we have a number of Google Ads running almost all the time. Lastly, we try and provide content in our blog, in our vlog and in our news segment as well as our email programs.

Certainly, we are not perfect, but for a small shop with limited resources we are pretty active in the digital space and anticipate that when our customers, prospects, friends, LIKES and followers require some assistance they will look to Raven5.

Additionally, through our search efforts, it’s our view and belief that in today’s world,  you as the customer needs to learn how to be hunted. Our “hunt or be hunted “ philosophy that we developed with our partnership group is called BFOUND.  In any event, the issue is that through our search programs, SEO (search engine optimization), content through vids, blogs and news items and our social media marketing through our Socialmc2 programs, and Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and Slideshare you can find us at Raven5 or through our ASKBICK profile.

Last week I was rewarded for all this hard work and wanted to share this information with you, NOT to brag, but to show you and every small business owner that you can in fact rank, through paid search and organically with a solid SEO and content strategy. If we can do it, you can do it … and if you need some help, we are here to do that.

The pic inset is my recent pride and joy, searching the term digital agency, you can see clearly Raven5 is in both position #3 in the paid section and organically In position #2, right below Wikipedia. Honestly, I was impressed and I’ve working it.

If you need some help, Opt-in because as you know “it’s what we do”, or become a social animal, or askbick ….

Michael Bickerton, Raven5 Ltd, Toronto, May 2012

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