Contest Marketing Package

Contest Marketing Package

Contest marketing provides many benefits for marketers and brands of all sizes. RAVEN5 specializes in custom contest marketing packages and we offer a unique perspective on planning, managing and running your online contest.

We know the value of a well-timed, properly managed contest marketing campaign. We’ve worked with many types of businesses to deliver contests that work with their goals and get results. RAVEN5’s contest marketing package can also work with your existing marketing campaigns to maximize results.

There is never one best option for everyone, but there are some guidelines you should follow when deciding upon your contest marketing package:

Before the Contest

When organizing your contest, there are a few things to keep on your mind in order to maximize your success. For example, knowing ahead who you are marketing to will dictate certain terms such as the rules, the length of the contest, and the prizes to be awarded. Preparing contest rules, while also familiarizing yourself with the different policies of various social networks, is essential to making sure your contest will be easy to find and easy to enter!

During the Contest

During the actual contest period, there are a few things to keep in mind. Use your network and web presence to cross-promote. This is a major step if you want people to be aware of your brand and your contest. Don’t forget to include great content when promoting your contest… Post, Tweet, Pin, and Blog – anything to get your message out.

After the Contest

Follow up. This is the most critical, often forgotten step of running a contest. You’ve generated buzz, gathered information and engaged people, then go silent. Don’t! Following up is mandatory. Ensure each person who entered, and was interested in your brand or product, is treated like a prospect and properly followed up. Don’t risk the Big Zero.  Contest marketing provides you a starting place for “What’s Next?”

RAVEN5’s contest marketing packages allow marketers to capture prospect and customer data such as first name, last name, email address, gender, year of birth and postal code. RAVEN5 contests also implement a survey component, allowing marketers to gather additional data as it relates specifically to your product or brand. The survey recommendations are generally 3 to 5 questions that will allow you to target specific traits of the new optin. These optins are leads, and contest marketing is a very strong lead generation tactic.

As The World’s First Contest Marketing Agency, we specialize in contests and contest marketing. Interested in running a great contest? Contact us today to hear about our contest marketing packages! We are #ContestMarketing.

Contest Marketing Package

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