Content - Ways to Multi Purpose

Content – Ways to Multi-Purpose

Ways to Multi-Purpose

Content can be used in a multitude of ways, which was brought to my attention in an article “5 creative ways to repurpose content” … ya that 5 (FIVE) thing again. We at Raven5 have looked at the post by Frank Strong and are giving you 5 (FIVE) great ways to multi-purpose your content.

Multi-Purpose your content

1) Disassemble – break it down, take a long post, whitepaper, presentation and break it down to bite sized posts, or blogs

2) Assemble – bring a few blog posts together to create a whitepaper, presentation or ebook

3) Presentation – build a Powerpoint presentation (and put it on slideshare)

4) Video – make a short (and we mean short) video, less than 3 minutes

5) Discussion – start a discussion on Linkedin (and showcase your video or slideshare), get some feedback

There are a lot of ways to share your content, build it up, take it down, shore it up, talk about it and share it on social. Strong has all kinds of ideas on Pinterest, we’ve not pushed into this area at this point. Pinterest isn’t for everyone, yet works well for many. We’ll put someone on it and let you know our viewpoint.

It’s a pretty good article for you to get some ideas on slicing & dicing your content if you need more info than what I’ve given you here.

The perfect example of Slicing & Dicing, and if you need some help, CALL NOW!

Michael Bickerton, Raven5 Ltd, Oakville & Toronto, Ontario March 2013

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