Click! You're Ignored

Click! You’re Ignored

Corporate communications is a funny thing. When we see others obviously “talking AT their audience”, we notice it right away – it stands out like a sore thumb. Yet somehow when we do it with our own communication we cannot see it. It is what has kept ad agencies in business for many years.

Well bad news – Internet marketing will not permit it.

In the past when we were buying the media and controlling the message, we could do what what we wanted. Feedback was disconnected from us. We just “stuffed the message down their throats”. They had to “listen” regardless. Mission accomplished – we got the word out.

Today – they just click and you’re gone.

Start a conversation online. Listen. Listen some more. And when you speak, ask them what they like. Finally we have a true communication medium.


Michael Bickerton, Raven5,  April, 2010

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