Blogging & Traffic Data

Blogging & Traffic Data

Lead Generation Lessons

HubSpot (one of the information sources that I follow carefully) is always putting out new and extremely helpful information for students in the marketing sphere. I try to provide you the basic information in an effort to save you a great deal of time in review and evaluation.

They recently published some great information in a report titled “Lead Generation Lessons from 4,000 Businesses.” So here’s the recap on:

Blogging & Traffic

Businesses that blogged 16 to 20 times per month got 2x more traffic then those that had only 4 posts. Now staggering, those blogging at least 20 times a month verses those that blogged less than 4 times a month got 5x more traffic, FIVE!

Those same businesses that blogged 16 to 20 times a month got 3x more leads, and those that blog at least 20 times a month saw 4x more leads than those who didn’t blog.

B2B comparisons, businesses that blog 16 to 20 times a month got 3x more leads than non-bloggers. In B2C situations that number grew to 4x more leads.

Overall, businesses with over 200 blog posts got 4.6x more traffic than those with fewer than 20 posts. That same group comparison gave the 200-blog group 3.5x more leads.

The takeaway here is pretty clear, blog posts, articles and events drive website traffic and leads, and this is in both B2B and B2C situations. Leads and traffic, traffic and leads whatever your pleasure, get your blog on!


Michael Bickerton, Raven5 Ltd., Oakville, Ontario December 2013

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